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Simple Setup, Powerful Protection

Navigating the world of hardware wallets may seem daunting, but www.ledger.com/start simplifies the process. The platform guides you through the setup and initialization of your Ledger hardware wallet, ensuring that you start your journey on the right foot. From connecting the device to your computer to creating a secure PIN, www.ledger.com/start makes the process effortless, allowing you to establish a foundation of security without hassle.

Recovery Seed: Your Lifeline to Peace of Mind

During the setup process on www.ledger.com/start, you'll create a recovery seed – a string of words that acts as a failsafe for your wallet. This recovery seed becomes your safety net, enabling you to regain access to your assets if your hardware wallet is lost, stolen, or damaged. www.ledger.com/start emphasizes the importance of securely storing this recovery seed, guiding you through the process to ensure your peace of mind.

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